Welcome to My Exclusive

Authors’ Master Coaching Program


No more excuses.

No more “some days.”


It’s time to write your book.

Let me ask you this…
writer-s-block-1239338-1598x836If everyone has a book in them, why is it so hard to get it on paper?

Whether you have started your book or you just have it in the back of your mind, at some point you may have hit overwhelm.

So let’s be frank here – and let me ask you this – what has been holding you back from finishing (or starting!) your book and gathering the success you deserve?


  • Did you start writing thinking you had so much material, only to be disappointed when you saw how few pages actually stacked up?
  • Do you find that you keep putting working on your book on the back burner? Other, “more important things” seem to always pop up?
  • Do you try to organize your book, only to find that you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to even start!


It is far too easy to get off track when you’re writing something as lengthy as a book. You get hit by overwhelm. You get “lost in the weeds.” Or life just gets in the way.

Bottom Line: Something has stopped you. From starting. From Finishing.

In short, you hit the trifecta of procrastination.

And your book still isn’t written.

The truth of the matter is this: you need a coach.

You need someone who can answer you questions and give you laser-targeted direction for the exact next thing you need to do. And you need someone who can keep you on track and accountable. Face it. We tend to put off projects that are difficult to do, take a long time, or don’t have a deadline.

What you don’t need is another vague, feel-good seminar that gives you general information, pats you on the back, and abandons you.


Have Your Book FINISHED In 12 Weeks

My Masters Coaching Program is for busy professionals who know the value of having a book, a FINISHED PRODUCT, to increase their authority, credibility, visibility, and viability.

We’re not talking the Great American Novel here.

We’re talking about a book that establishes who you are, demonstrates your knowledge and authority, and works to put you in front of the right people, whether they are Fortune 500 CEOs or online opportunity seekers.

My Masters Coaching is a 12 week, structured program of one-on-one sessions, project organization, and specific writing assignments, following the modules of my Write Your Book in 90 Days course. In the initial consultation, we discuss what you want your book to do for you and your business, then map out the easiest way for you to put your thoughts and knowledge on paper.

Each week you work on your book. I edit and give feedback, strengthening your writing, clarifying your message, while breaking your book into bite-size, doable pieces.

I keep you organized, on track, and most importantly, ACCOUNTABLE.

We are talking a real deadline for you–the day your book is finished and published. I am a professional writer. Nothing is more motivating to me than a deadline. Is that horrible? Well, it’s the truth.

I have written dozens of books for clients, edited dozens more, and I have written over 15 books and courses for my businesses. I am here to tell you that the work I do for clients gets finished much faster than my own projects.



Working on deadline means that I need to be organized. I need to have systems in place and the ability to see a project through to completion. On time. I do it every day. And I can show you how to complete your project. Quickly. I have created my exclusive 12 week Masters Program, so that you and I can work together personally to start and most importantly, FINISH your book once and for all!

Who Is This Coaching Program For?

The coaching program was created for business professionals who know the value of having their name out there as a published author and want to leverage that credibility to be more successful with their businesses.


How is this program different from other “write your book” programs?

Personalized. That’s right, it will be personal. You’ll be working with me, not an assistant or some outsourced customer service rep. Together we’ll construct an outline, go over any material you may already have, determine the angle and tone of your book. We’ll discuss any problems you come up against, break them down and show you how to work through them or around them. This is all about you, not the “masses” out there. You and I communicate one-on-one.

Once we have your outline, you will have specific topics to write about each week as we construct your book. I’ll give you feedback on how to improve your writing and your book as a whole and we’ll move the project along to completion. We’ll lay out specific strategies that you can use immediately to create a book or course that does specifically what you need it to do.

Honest. You’ll always get my honest and forthright opinion. I won’t sugar coat it just to make you feel good. I’ll be kind and encouraging, but I’ll also call it like I see it. If your book plain stinks, I’ll tell you. (And then tell you how to make it better.) If your structure is convoluted, then I’ll let you know and show you how to lay it out. All the while, mind you, anytime you are heading off track, I’ll point you in the right direction.

Achievable, Bite-Sized Steps. The trick to completing a book is to have a working outline. Each week you’ll write a chapter, 10-15 pages. Not too much to complete in a week and, because you are focusing on one topic (chapter) at a time, you have a clearly defined mission.

Built-In Accountability. Every week you will have a writing assignment. Every week I will ask you to send it to me before we talk. If you don’t do the assignment, we’ll discuss what problems you ran into, I’ll suggest ways to overcome any problems and expect you to turn in the assignment along with the next week’s assignment. No skipping. No falling behind.

It’s all about helping you write and finish your book or course, addressing specific issues of importance to you. I’ll be the tour guide.

Along the way we’ll discuss topics such as…

  • Uncovering who your true target market is
  • How to Structure Your Project in a Logical and Flowing Manner
  • How to Find First Rate Interior and Cover Designers without Breaking the Bank
  • Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishers along with Hard Copy, Ebook, Kindle — Your distribution channel options
  • Setting a tone that matches YOUR personality
  • How to Write Your Author Bio
  • Finding Time to Write
  • Outsourcing — Using researchers and ghostwriters

Let me ask you: How’s your book project going?

traffic-light-1316690-1919x2881Take just a moment and answer that question before you move on to another sentence. Really.

Stop right now and think about the current status of your efforts to get that book in front of your potential clients and fans.

So, let me ask again: How’s your book project going?

If your answer is “Nowhere” then it’s time to change your approach.


The Masters Program is a personal, one-on-one, 12 week coaching program. In short, I hold your feet to the fire. No excuses. No procrastination. That’s how you finish your book in 12 weeks.

So are you ready to begin?

Great! I’m glad you’re serious about writing your book and becoming more successful. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t want to work with anyone who isn’t ready. You must be willing to work. If you are ready (really ready) to hold your book in your hand, than it’s time to invest in yourself.

Because of the personalized structure of this coaching, I am only able to work with a handful of authors at a time.


You get:

12 weeks of one-on-one Mastery Coaching PLUS

  • My Write Your Book in 90 Days Course, complete with all the bonuses
  • Book Marketing Guide
  • How to Write Your Author Bio
  • And of course, email support



In 12 short weeks, you can be holding your published book in your hands!


Have a few questions before starting? Send me an email at Barbara@BarbaraGrassey.com and we’ll schedule a convenient time to discuss your project.

Happy Writing,