In a hotel, a concierge is the person who helps the guests–arranging tours and transportation, recommending restaurants, somehow managing to come up with theatre tickets to that sold out show. (Except Hamilton, of course.) In short, the concierge is the person in the know, who can point you in the right direction and more important, keep you from making costly mistakes.

Navigating the self-publishing process is a continual learning curve. If you have never done it or haven’t uploaded a book in a while, you’ll find yourself in a frustrating tangle of simultaneous steps, backtracking, and the inevitable re-loading of content.

It seems that each platform has its own way of doing things (they do) and a file that works for one platform needs to be reformatted to work on another. What is the best platform to use? What size and resolution should my cover be? Do I need a copyright? An ISBN? What is an ISBN??

In addition to working your way through all that, there are tricks to using categories and keywords that will help readers find your book. The easier it is for people to actually find your book, the more you can leverage your marketing efforts. Properly publishing your book can help you with that.

  • Decide on which platform to use to publish your book
  • Advise and walk you through copyright and ISBNs
  • Referrals to interior layout and cover designers if needed
  • BISAC codes and Keyword Search and Analysis
  • Platform Walk-Through
  • Book Description (short and long) and Author Bio Instructions
  • Over-Your-Shoulder lesson for uploading files
  • Format check for print and eBook

I hold your hand and walk you through the process from your finished manuscript to published book.

Contact me to discuss your book and whether or not concierge services are right for you.