• Having trouble staying focused?
  • No time to get your own stuff done?
  • Need a little extra push?

Then you need an AssInGear Day.

The KickAss Accountability Circle is opening up a special AssInGear Day to non-members so you can get a taste of what happens when you have a supportive community keeping you on track and accountable.

What’s an AssInGear Day?

This is a special time that is set aside for FOCUSED WORK on a project.

Have you had a project that has been hanging over you? Or maybe you really WANT to get to it but there never seems to be time.

An AssInGear Day gives you four and a half hours of focused time to work on anything you want. More important, it gives you permission to let everything else just SIT for half a day while you work.

We meet for a live, video check-in (via Zoom), then work on our own for two focused hours. There’s a 30 minute break for an online check-in, a bio break, maybe a little nosh… Then, back to two hours of focused work on our own. Another half hour break and then we all meet for a live video check-in to celebrate what we accomplished, socialize, and network with each other.

What are some of the things that our AssKickers get done on AssInGear Day?

  • Got new website up and running
  • Cleaned off desk
  • Wrote 90% of a speech for a Chamber event
  • Finished round 1 of video script
  • Worked on book (and the first draft is finished!)
  • Completed a large project that had been stalled for months
  • Finished a quilt

What our members say:

  • “Amazingly productive… It’s a combination of setting aside the time and committing to it.” – Rob
  • “For me, I come up with all kinds of things to distract me from doing what I need to do. This [AssInGear Day] makes me focus on it for a set time and I actually do it. Now that it’s started… I have to finish.”  –   Ruinian
  • “I found for me it kept me focused and on task for a set period of time that I may not have been otherwise able to do.” – Noreen

Get your AssInGear for $25!

This is your chance to see inside the KickAss Inner Circle. Join us for an AssInGear Day and see how much you can do with focused effort.