Is Your Blog Neglected?


  • Not putting up regular posts?
  • Don’t know what to write about?
  • It takes too long to write a post?
  • Not sure if anyone is even reading it? (Besides your mom — “That’s nice, dear.”)

I was having the same problems. It was hard to get motivated to write, I didn’t have a plan for what I would write about, and there was no purpose to my posts. My early blog posts were just a mish-mosh of thoughts but they weren’t leading anywhere and they weren’t giving my readers concrete, applicable information.

I decided to get serious about my blogging and that meant I had to get organized, decide what I wanted to do for my readers, and decide just what I wanted my blog to do for me, too.

It was time to organize my little ass.

I am a maniac about checklists and worksheets, and so I made a content planner for myself. A friend saw it and said, “HEY! I could use that.” I asked other people what their biggest problem was with writing their blogs. They said, “BEING CONSISTENT.”

Well, I’ve got the solution.

If you’ve been having a hard time keeping your blog up, being consistent, being INTENTIONAL, you probably just need a little help getting organized.

The Brilliant Content Planner is EXACTLY what I use to get my posts up and published. Week in and week out.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Brainstorming Prompts and Worksheet
  • Keyword Worksheet
  • Yearly Content Arc
  • Monthly Topic Sheet
  • Content Sheets for Each Month
  • Monthly Tracking and Sharing Charts
  • Over 100 pages, one full year of tracking and planning worksheets

This planner flat out organizes your blogging ass.
You can now get it as a downloadable “printable” for $19.95.

*YES, you CAN use a credit or debit card — just scroll down past the Paypal login.

The BRILLIANT Content Planner will

  • Make sure you NEVER run out of ideas for blog topics
  • Ensure that you have keywords handy to pop into your posts
  • Help you keep your posts on target and written with PURPOSE
  • Make writing your blog posts faster and easier
  • Remind you to share your posts a minimum number of times
  • Help you track your shares, reach, and growing audience
  • Ensure you have a Call to Action in each of your posts

Plus… it’s kind of pretty, if I do say so myself. (Remember–I’m a words girl and graphics are not my strong suit!) You’ll enjoy writing in your planner, and seeing your progress week by week, month by month.

Best of all — it’s downloadable and printable which means you can use it for one blog, more blogs, podcasts, and… you can print a new one every year.

Get The Brilliant Content Planner Now and let your  BRILLIANCE SHINE THROUGH!