I’m so glad we’re going to be working together.

Let’s get started right away.

First, download this Client Audit Form.

You may not know all the answers to the questions — that’s okay. Fill out as much as you can and email it back to me:


Once you’ve filled out the Audit Form and returned it, go to Calendly and book an appointment with me.

We’ll meet to go through the information, I’ll ask more questions, and I’ll get to know a bit more about you personally — what you like, don’t like, what type of marketing might be outside your comfort zone and what might be totally in your wheelhouse.

From there, I’ll design your custom marketing plan. This usually takes about a week. I’ll contact you to schedule our next appointment.

On our second appointment, I’ll walk you through the marketing plan, make sure you’re in agreement with what needs to be done, and give you the steps you need to start marketing your book and your business.

We’ll have a check in appointment in 30 days to make sure you’re on track (oh yeah, it’s a bit of accountability). You’ll also have 90 days of email support so if you have any questions about how to do something or if you run into an obstacle, we can strategize together to keep you on track to hit your marketing goals.