It’s time to get the recognition and revenue you deserve.

Do you ever wonder why someone else gets the speaking gigs, the big consulting fees, the press coverage and recognition when their information and experience can’t hold a candle to yours?

Do you see your competitors holding up their books, their faces smiling from the covers? You know they’re making money from that book — in speaking engagements, through lead generation, even back of the room sales.

In short — you know you need a book just to stay even with your competitors.

But writing a book isn’t easy.

Have you tried to write your book only to slam into instant overwhelm?  Or maybe you got started and then got “lost in the woods” and couldn’t see your way to the finish.

Do you…

  • Feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work necessary to outline, write and complete a book?
  • Wonder if your “take” on your topic is different enough from the other information that is available?
  • Need to know what is the best way to get your book published or if you should even go with a hard copy? (The answer is YES, by the way).
  • Feel frustrated when clients go with some “big name” coach or speaker who is all flash and no substance?

I know what you’re up against and I can help…

I know how to get your book or course written. Fast. Without headaches or tears.

More importantly, I can show you how to get your book DONE!

I know what works and what doesn’t work.

I know how to decide if a topic is viable, too broad, or too narrow to find its market.

I know how to organize a book or course so that YOUR readers can gain the most value from it.

I know the easiest methods for writing a first draft – to spill what’s in your brain onto paper.

And most importantly, I can show YOU how to do this, too!

That’s why I’ve created my VIP Breakthrough Day, so that you and I can work personally together to outline and structure a book that will catapult you to the top of your field.

That’s right – I work with people who want to be the best in their field and who are willing to do what it takes to get there.

Your VIP Breakthrough Day includes:

Review of Current Materials: One week before our Breakthrough Day, I’ll review the materials you currently have (handouts, ebooks, articles, transcriptions of talks or seminars) and assess them for potential re-purposing in your book.

All Day Session with Me (not an assistant): We will shape your personal story for maximum effect, discuss how to use your book for maximum positioning, and create a viable plan to have your first draft written within 60 days. 

You’ll walk away with a fully outlined book–a workable road map–for the next 30, 60, and 90 days:

  • An Outline of your book
  • Your Differentiating Factor — what sets you apart from the rest
  • How to get that first draft written, quickly and painlessly
  • How to put yourself and your book in front of your target market
  • How to create supporting materials to use in your marketing


And we’ll drink… 


Lots and lots of coffee!  Or the beverage of your choice.

And perhaps a glass of wine at the end of the day?

In addition, you will receive:

  • Two Follow Up Video Coaching Sessions with Barbara
  • Email support for six months following your VIP Breakthrough Day
  • A review with editing notes of your first and final drafts
  • My personal contacts for cover and interior book design, editors, publicists and book distribution.

The Result?

A FULL OUTLINE of your book with built-in marketing hooks, as well as a step-by-step plan that you can easily follow to have your book written, edited and ready for publishing in 90 days. Without tearing your hair out. Without losing momentum.  DONE!  

Are you a good fit for a VIP Breakthrough Day?

This intensive day is not for everyone. Because we’re going to be spending an  entire day together, you need to be ready to take action when we meet.

 You are ready for a VIP Breakthrough Day if…

  • You are acutely aware of the advantages having your own published book will bring you, in terms of credibility, authority, opportunity, and financial reward.
  • Your own mentor or coach has told you that you need a book to get to the next level.
  • You have “kicked around” the idea of doing a book or have even started but haven’t finished.
  • You are tired of being overlooked and are ready to take center stage.
  • You want an entire day of personal access to a seasoned professional writer who can show you the tricks of the trade, cut through the confusing options of publishing, can get you laser focused and is fun to work with.
  • You are ready to become the leader you know you are destined to be to benefit yourself, your business, and your family.

 Not sure if you’re ready for a VIP Breakthrough Day? Send me an email, and we’ll schedule a time to discuss whether or not a book is right for you and your business.

Your VIP Breakthrough Day can be in person or virtual. In person Breakthrough Days are held in Tampa or Fort Myers, FL or I can travel to you. Virtual Breakthrough Days allow you to work in the comfort of your own home via videoconferencing, without any travel expense (or down time).

This Breakthrough Day requires a significant investment from you — in terms of time, money, and dedication. If you have spent thousands of dollars at just ONE pricey  “pitch-fest” seminar that promised the world, entertained you, gave you a few nuggets of general information, but left you with more questions than when you started, I promise you that the VIP Breakthrough Day is nothing like that! We work one-on-one, together, focusing only on your needs and goals. But you need to be ready to roll up your sleeves and dive in.

VIP Breakthrough Days range from $2,495 for virtual days to $4,495 for in-person days.

What is your time worth?

Consider the hundreds of hours you will waste trying to complete your book on your own. You could spend the next six months to a year or longer trying to get your thoughts onto paper in a logical and coherent order. And you might actually get it done. But what is your time worth? Not just the time it takes to write and complete your book, but the time that could have been better spent working with your clients, speaking or giving seminars.  You know… Revenue Generating Activities!

Obviously this opportunity is not for everyone. It’s only for those who are serious about their careers and who are ready to take the steps necessary to reach the highest echelons of their fields. That scares some people and if this isn’t for you, I understand.

It’s a bit of a mind-blower to put yourself out there as an expert. That little voice in the back of your mind wants to keep you humble, remind you of your “place” in life. You may not think you are “there yet” to make this kind of investment in yourself and your business. 

Yet you have seen others, less qualified than you make that investment and leave you eating their dust.

Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t quit before you’ve even gotten to the starting line. Don’t let someone less worthy reap YOUR rewards.


IMPORTANT:  I only schedule a handful of Breakthrough Days a year and they fill up fast. I work with the top speakers and organizations across the country, developing their book marketing plans, so my available time is limited. 

If you’re ready to commit, my only question for you is …


Are you ready to step into the major leagues? Are you ready to take your place in the highest tier of your industry, to become a thought leader and to enjoy the rewards that being a published author will bring you?

If so, contact me now and we’ll set up a date and time for your VIP Breakthrough Day!

I look forward to spending the entire DAY with YOU, one on one, working together to create YOUR SIGNATURE BOOK.

If you’re ready to become THE THOUGHT LEADER in your field, contact me now.

Let me help you write your book.

 PS:  Drop me an email if you have any questions about the program.