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I work with coaches, speakers, and trainers, people who are out there in the business world

Do you need a book?

Do you want to…

  • Increase your authority and reach
  • Provide training and guidance for your students and clients
  • Create a solid lead generator
  • Land more speaking gigs
  • Add an income stream

    Then yes, you need a book.

    But not just any book.

    Face it – with print on demand publishing, anyone can throw a book together and put it on Kindle or have hard copies made. But quite frankly, most of those books do more harm than good.


    Because the person got “sold” on the idea that they could create a “book in an afternoon” or that “low content books” leave people asking for more.

    No they don’t.

    They just tick people off.

    They make you look bad.

    They ruin your credibility.


    You’re better off not having a book than having a shoddy, poorly produced book.

    What about contributing a chapter to someone else’s book?

    Well, if you want to find a new audience, that could be helpful. But mostly, you’re helping the person who put together the book.

    You need your own book, written by you, expressing your views, your philosophies, your techniques. You don’t need to be losBarbara Chair Cut Outt in the mix, vying desperately for attention among 20-30 self-proclaimed “experts.”


    I’m Barbara Grassey, and for the past ten years, I’ve been a ghostwriter for national speakers, turning out over 50 books, courses, and manuals in various fields such as real estate, small business, and personal development. During that time, I’ve also written numerous books and courses for myself under my own name and yes, pen names. I’m the author of Don’t make Me Slap You; Fast Money in Real Estate: Secrets of a Bird Dog; and Sell Your House Fast in a Slow Market, to name a few. I’ve also written dinner theatre shows, sketch comedy, and musical revues.

    There’s a science and formula to writing quickly, clearly, efficiently. If you need a book for your business or bucket list, I’m here to help.


    Lydia Trotter“Barbara is the ultimate motivator. She helped me get my manual together, including breaking down the information into step by step screen shots. She came up with the idea to include two quick start guides to help my students get a jumpstart.” – Lydia Trotter



    I’ve carefully crafted a six module home study course designed to walk you step by step as you write your book, from idea to published book.


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    Module 1: Structure and Organization

    • Is your book viable? Are enough people interested in your topic?
    • How to use online sources to check the demand for your book.
    • Find out EXACTLY what your target market wants and doesn’t want in a book.
    • Learn the different structures for nonfiction books and decide on which is the best structure for you

    The reason why so many people fail to write their book is that they don’t take the time to get organized and give serious thought to the structure of their book. Module 1 sets you up for success.


    Module 2: Outlining Your Book

    In this module, you will determine

    • Your chapter topics
    • Your chapter subtopics
    • The questions/topics you will cover specifically
    • A list of things that need further research

    After completing Module 2, you’ll have your book completely outlined and you’ll be ready to START WRITING!


    Module 3: Creating Your First Draft

    • How to work with raw materials
    • 3 Ways to write your book
      • Old School
      • Outsourcing
      • The Easy Way

    Upon completion of Module 3, you will have 90% of your first draft written and you’ll be able to identify the areas that need more research or fleshing out.


    Module 4: Editing

    • Copy Editing
    • Line Editing
    • Polishing Your First Draft to Final Form
    • Incorporating images, charts, graphs, links

    In short, when you’ve completed Module 4, you’ll have the final draft of your manuscript!


    Module 5: Prepping for Publication

    This is our “Miscellaneous Module.”  Here we add in all the back matter, all those special pages that make your book look professional.

    • Dedication/Acknowledgements
    • Copyright and Disclaimer Pages
    • Your author bio and headshot
    • Back cover copy and blurbs

    Module 5 is where you tie up all the loose ends, putting in all that ancillary matter in one place, in the right order.


    Module 6: Publishing

    • Self-Publishing vs. a Traditional Publishing House
    • What is Print on Demand?
    • Your Cover
    • Interior Layout
    • ISBNs and Bar Codes

    All of this and more is covered in Module 6. When you’re done, your book will be ready for uploading to a self-publishing site or ready to go to your publisher. So YES! Crack open that bottle of champagne.


    Each module has a video accompaniment to help you even more.

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    You also get:

  • How to Write Your Author Bio

  • Book Marketing Guide
  • 90 Days Email Support
    Drew Downs2I broke out the old manual the other day to show the kids. They asked, ‘how did I learn to become a writer?’ I told them, Barbara Grassey. — Drew Downs

    andre-kaspberger“Barbara was very instrumental in helping in the development and publishing of the companion book to my “All Things Austria” project. Her advice in setting up the book’s structure, tone and then the final edit were invaluable. Her expertise in targeting and communicating ideas and concepts to a target audience are exemplary. Thank you Barbara.” – Andre Kaspberger


    Get the full course and videos NOW for only